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Meet Our Team


Lauren Burns

Owner & Principal Designer

Lauren Burns designs spaces that are timeless with a masterful mix of styles, from traditional to contemporary.  Lauren loves turning spaces that need an overhaul into layered, sophisticated and usable living spaces for clients. She owns her client’s desires for the home, combines them with her passion for design and creates spaces they are proud to live in, spaces that feel effortlessly chic and purposeful.  By layering textures, along with mixing new with vintage pieces, she creates signature interiors with sophisticated simplicity. Accompanied by over 10 years of experience in the Interior Design industry, Lauren uses her expertise to turn her creative vision into your reality.

(919) 699-8009


Barbara Cornetta

Business Manager

Barbara Cornetta is our Business Manager at Lauren Burns Interiors.  She handles all of our back end operations and helps to coordinate the design process for our clients from start to finish.  She is passionate about making sure that our clients have a wonderful design experience.  Her calm nature mixed with her friendly and warm personality is appreciated by everyone who meets Barbara.

(919) 699-8009


Daniela McShane

Design Coordinator

Daniela McShane is our Design Coordinator at Lauren Burns Interiors. She is the touchpoint for all new client discovery calls and contracts.  In addition, Daniela assists with project management for our clients throughout the entire design process.  Daniela is detail oriented and always thinks outside of the box, when needed, to make sure our clients have a seamless design experience.  Daniela's kind personality and her attention to detail is something clients comment on often!

(919) 699-8009

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